About Scott
I'm a 37 year old professional firefighter, living in North Devon with my beautiful wife Louise, the awesome Hank the Tank - a chocolate labrador and two cats named Frog and Alan.  Life revolves around exploring, surfing, alfresco dining, writing and planning the next adventure!  We like to try and see as much of the world as possible which is sometimes hard when you find a place that you lo!

Along with my 'expeditions' I love to travel with Louise, stay in unusual places and try different things.  All this costs money of course, so like most firefighters the odd day of grafting with a paint brush comes along!

I would never describe myself as an expert at anything; I am most defintely a 'jack of all trades'.  But I like it this way.  I loath being bored to the point where I am often referred to as 'A busy'.

I've written three books that I have self published and am working on books four and five.  Again, I don't profess to be a great writer and I doubt i'll make any money out of it, but to say i've written a book is one big thing knocked off that bucket list!

The first book I wrote was the story of my attempt to do something new every day for a year.  Without ruining the story and without being melodramatic, I came close dying.  I wouldn't say that had a profound affect on me that it can sometimes do to people, but I think it makes me want to do more, see more and maybe just prove that despite that little accident I can still do whatever I want and maybe, just maybe it's why I try and push myself.

Either way I'm up for the ride that we call life and dammit I want it to be a good one! An epic one!  

Have a flick through what I've done and what I've got planned.  The future is exciting and I'd love to share some of these experinces with you first hand if you've got an idea!