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Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II  

Two Person Tent

 The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II retails for around £140 (I think I paid under £100 so it’s worth looking around).  For me I thought this was a bargain – I liked the flat green colour making it less conspicuous if wild camping.  Even at 2.28kg it didn’t feel too heavy and packed fairly small - small enough to go on the rear of the bike.
The tent goes up exceptionally quickly with minimum fuss which was key when exhausted after a long days cycle.  Very few pegs were needed for a quick set up either, which was a blessing in mid-summer Europe and some VERY hard ground.
Access and Egress was made simple by the large entrance and inside there was more than enough room to keep my panniers in and also left enough room to get changed.  It dries quickly, seems pretty rugged and all round was a pleasurable haven at the end of the day.
I have subsequently used it as a two man tent and although fairly cosy, it did the job well!

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Dawes Karakum

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Touring Bicycle

Alpkit Brukit

Rapid cooking stove

 There are many stove options on the market, with the big name being Jetboil.  This is very similar but at a fraction of the cost! It boils rapidly, is easy to clean, is very stable, leightweight and robust!  I used this every day on the boat across the Black Sea for every meal and every hot drink.  I could not fault it!  After a few days I stopped using the supplied tripod, partly out of laziness and partly because it seemed so stable without it!  It did actually topple once but considering I was at sea in a 23ft boat, that's not bad!

You will need to pierce an extra hole in the rubber top otherwise you cannot pour or drink with the lid on (think of any takeaway coffee cup!) and as I found out you can't use the stove without the proper 'cup' as the heat spreads and melts the base (pictured).

This is my go to stove and despite the rust from the salt water, it lights first time everytime.  Well done Alpkit!!

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Fine coffee anywhere

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Woodvale Ocean Rowing Boat

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Pacific Pete

Ortlieb Bicycle Panniers

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Waterproof with huge load space

Gecko Trailer

Ultra lightweight Aluminium boat Trailer

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